Hattori Hanzo: The Downward Hustle

There was a class action lawsuit filed in the state of California on Feb 13, 2020 against Hattori Hanzo. It was filed by a consumer who had purchased shears and stated that the metal used to produce Hattori Hanzo shears was not of Japanese steel because they did not contain the country of origin label behind the pivot.
It's pretty crazy how this information is difficult to find online and was originally found in a forum through a stylist group on Facebook. Hattori Hanzo does do business with Pingyang Yonghe Scissor Co. in Wenzhou City, China but it's unknown of what they have manufactured there. Pingyang Yonghe Scissor Co. does use Chinese metals to make their own shears (and sell them for a fraction of what HH sells their’s for), so there is a possibility that Hattori Hanzo shears are made using these cheap metals. 
Not only do I operate Denver Shears Co. but I'm also a licensed cosmetologist and barber and I too have fallen victim to buying $600 Hattori Hanzo shears back in beauty school. Hattori Hanzo's high prices were the reason I started Denver Shears Co. They were controlling the market as one of the monopolies in the industry which is absolutely atrocious. They were charging double...triple the price of shears that other companies were selling and they were able to because of their top-notch marketing. I'm able to sell similar shears for much less than those prices, the only difference is that DSC shears are made of Japanese steel!
The only shear company that I believe is fair with larger price tags is Mizutani Scissors. They come from a 100 year long history of quality shears that are handcrafted in Japan and are ergonomically designed to perfection. They are the kind of shears that you buy yourself as the "ultimate gift". I only wrote this post to avoid having this company scam customers into buying hundreds of dollars worth of products that aren't made of the advertised steel.
If you too have been duped by Hattori Hanzo, check out these links below that can help with potentially getting a refund and a little bit of justice that I stumbled across on a hair forum through Facebook...


How to Report a Consumer Complaint

  • File a complaint with your state’s Attorney General online
  • Describe your HH marketing scam experience (ex. Country of Origin claim)
  • Request a refund

Also report to the Federal Trade Commission...


  • Robin Danforth on

    I bought numerous pairs of shears from Hattori. I had the subscription plan for sharpening.
    Their software continuously would drop my plan and not charge me, when I needed to have shears sharpened I would have to pay the back charges, that were not done. They allow for a payment plan, which is a nice feature but if the shears are useless, than it’s a worthless plan.
    I don’t use these shears, they’re always dull and pushes the hair. Expensive junk shears that cost more than they are worth. A waste of money!

  • Rosario Poulos on

    Bought ahanzo shears at the Orlando hair show 3 years ago last week they fell in between my station and taking them out to handle broke and I’m still waiting for somebody to answer me to where I send them to get repair open a new ones. They where not cheap $1,265 later

  • Hingle Mcringleberry on

    This is why I never felt had about ordering thousands of dollars in equipment from them using their payment plan under fake names, and never making another payment after the first one. You’re welcome.

  • Breanna Hanks on

    A man came to my salon and pressured me into sharpening my Paul Mitchell shears. I told him I just wanted to do the one time fee of sharpening them today and not the membership. After he gives me my card back he told me he signed me up for the membership instead because it was “cheaper”. He gives me a loaner pair and tells me he’d be back in 2 weeks. 2 weeks later roll by and comes back and he tells me he has no idea where my shears were. Took me 2 MONTHS to get them to give me free shears. When I tried to cancel the membership (that I didn’t want in the first place) they told me it would be $40 to cancel. So I had to call my bank for them to cancel my card. Worst company I have ever dealt with.

  • Jenna on

    I’m so pissed off after reading all of this. The shears are meh. I do know I felt pressured into buying them. HOWEVER, I cancelled my stay sharp subscription OVER A YEAR AGO. I will not lie I’m really bad at looking at my bank statements. Now remember it’s been over a year and low and behold I see a Hanzo charge on my account…. So this company is stealing from people. They just keep saying they can’t issue a refund?!?! I’m so furious. If someone could help me be pointed in the right direction with how to deal with this.

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