Denver Shears Co. is owned and operated by me, Nicole D’Elia! I'm a resident to the heart of Colorado and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. You can usually catch me outside in the wilderness hiking around with my pup Riley or doing hair at my in-home barbershop, as I too hold a license in cosmetology and barbering. Most people know me as a HUGE fan of the craft beer scene and with almost 400 breweries surrounding me you could say I'm in my own little heaven. I am also certified in the traditional Japanese style of sharpening and shear analyzation, which started turning the gears for DSC.  

When I was in beauty school, I wanted a new pair of shears because I hated the ones in our school kit. I ended up buying a pair from a large company and thought to myself, "Why in the hell did I just spend $600 on a pair of shears? What is the reason behind that price?" Through all of my training and experience in becoming certified in the shear world, I finally found the answer I was looking for: there is no reason at all.

DSC was established because of that... providing shears that didn't cost an arm and a leg. The creation of quality, professional shears is a beautiful craft and they are certainly worth the investment for your work and your hands. I just don't believe a pair of shears should cost around $1,000. Every stylist and barber works too hard for their income (my own feet can tell you themselves), I wouldn't want it all spent on a pair of scissors.